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Offering a variety of Print-based and Online courses for teachers.

Non-Degree Certificates are Available
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Online & Print-Based Credit Pricing*

3 Graduate Credits: $430
2 Graduate Credits: $330
1 Graduate Credit: $230
*Select academic partners may require additional charges

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Online Print-based 5007 Trauma-Sensitive Teaching: Helping Students Overcome Adverse Experiences 3 credits
Online Print-based 5014 Reaching Success: How to Support Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 3 credits
Online Print-based 5025 Making Content Accessible For Your English Language Learners 3 credits
Online Print-based 5027 ADHD: Focusing, Learning, Teaching 3 credits
Online Print-based 5032 Empathy & Understanding: The New Tools for Students with Challenging Behaviors 3 credits
Online 5034 Equitable Learning with Assistive Technology in the Classroom 3 credits
Online Print-based 5039 Transitioning to Adulthood for Students with Disabilities: The Future is Bright 3 credits
Online 5043 Thrive: Supporting LGBTQ Students in School 3 credits
Online Print-based 5845 Grief and Your Students: Honoring, Sharing, Healing 1 credit
Online Print-based 5855 Neurodiversity: A New Approach for Students with Special Needs 3 credits
Online Print-based 687 Special Education Law 101: Rights of Students, Responsibilities of Educators 1 credit
Online Print-based 705 SuperSub: How to Succeed as a Substitute Teacher 2 credits
Online Print-based 712 Sticks and Stones: The No-Bully Zone 3 credits
Online Print-based 753 Succeeding with the Struggling Student 3 credits
Online Print-based 776 Across The Spectrum: Teaching Students with Autism 3 credits
Online Print-based 783 Tapping the Talent: Working with Students who are Gifted 3 credits
Online Print-based 842 Achieving Success with English Language Learners 3 credits
Online 854 Caring for the Mental Health of Your Students 1 credit
Online Print-based 966 In the Face of Poverty 3 credits


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