Edge Express 

Individual Edge Express workshops will take approximately two hours to complete (and are 100% free). After completion, you will receive a fancy Learners Edge Certificate noting approximately two hours of work in your selected workshop. Please know that Edge Express workshops are NOT available for graduate credit. 

To begin, click the Course Number(s) below to register for your chosen workshop(s). And great news, there is no limit to the number of workshops you may take! After you complete your registration, give us a few hours to prepare, and then you will be able to login to our Online Environment and complete your workshop!
400 Probes and Dipsticks and Tickets - Oh My! 0 credit
403 Tweet Like a Teacher: Why Twitter is the “Popular” Table in the Cafeteria   0 credit
404 Getting Gritty With It 0 credit
405 Post-it Note Pedagogy 0 credit
406 Peer Assessment - Students Partner for Performance 0 credit
407 Beyond Kapow! Bang! Crash! Teaching With Graphic Novels 0 credit
408 Parent Communication – 3 Steps Toward A Paradigm of Partnership 0 credit
409 Success When Stressed 0 credit
410 The I's Have it - Ideas to Invite Inspiration 0 credit
411 Vitamin N 0 credit
412 Let the Brain Reign 0 credit
413 Raising the Climate of Possibility 0 credit
415 Introversion is "In": Working with Introverts 0 credit
416 Get smART! 0 credit
417 Journaling - A Tried and True Technique Gets a Makeover 0 credit
418 New Teachers - Establishing Yourself 0 credit
422 Outsmarting the Cheat 0 credit
424 Making Your Mark on the Maker Movement 0 credit
427 There's an App for That 0 credit
430 Accommodations, Modifications and YOU! 0 credit
431 Social Story Time 0 credit
433 Ready, Set, Breathe: Lessons for Calm in the Classroom 0 credit
434 The Benefits of Music in Teaching and Learning 0 credit


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